Saturday, October 14, 2017

Amazing Benefits Of Tamarind For Skin,Hair And Health

Scientific Name Of Tamarind:-Tamarindus indica
Other Names Known In India:-Imli(Hindi),tetul(Bengali),amli(Gujarati),Chintapandu(Telugu),Tentuli(Odia),Chinch(Marathi).

Mostly girls prefer to eat tamarind.The use of tamarind in South India is very high.They are mainly used for making samber,chole,chutney and kadi recipes.But tamarind is not only use in food,but also good for health.Pregnant ladies are love to eat tamarind.Very few people know that the tamarind also helps to increase the beauty of skin.Using tamarind, the dark spot in the skin quickly faded.Not only this, you can also make face pack,toner,scrub by using tamarind.Vitamin C and anti oxidants are present in tamarind, which are very good for the face.

Face Pack Using Tamarind:

  • Put the tamarind for 15 minutes in hot water and separate the seed using spoon.Then add one pinch of turmeric powder in it and stir it well.Apply this face pack and wait for 20 minute.After that wash face using cold water.Use this face pack for 15 days in regular interval and see the amazing difference on face.

Lose Weight:

  • For those who want to lose weight, then tamarind is a gift of nature can easily reduce weight.The medicinal nature of tamarind helps to reduce weight.In tamarind also get fibers.There is hydroxy citric acid present in the tamarind which helps to cut down the storage of fat.
Control Hair Loss:

  • Due to lack of vitamin c in body,occurs hair rough and dry,hair thinning and attack by dandruff.So thanks to nature to give such a fruit which is rich in vitamin C that tamarind.By consuming daily,it helps to control the hair loss.

Good For Digestive System:

  • Digestive system is properly working by consuming of 5-10 grams tamarind every day.This makes you stay healthy.

Prevent To Over Eating:

  • If you want to control the diet,then add this in your diet routine.It is also a wonderful laxative agent.Tamarind contains lot of tartaric acid,which helps to prevent over eating.

  • Tamarind seed also cure disease like scabies,just take 1 tbsp of seed powder and add 4 drop of lemon juice and apply in place of scabies.Using 4 to 5 times,will get good result.
  • Tamarind juice also helps to prevent problems like constipation.
  • For the presence of  high amount of antioxidants in tamarind,help to prevent cancer.
  • Tamarind can also cure sore throat.
  • Tamarind contain lot of vitamin c,which strong the bones,nails and teeth.It also cures scurvy,asthma,cardiovascular problem,anemia,swollen and bleeding gum related to deficiency of vitamin c.
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