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What Common Mistakes That Lead To Hair Fall/Hair Loss

Specially all girls desire is to get thick and dark hair.If you have the thicker hair,can do different hair style and looking much pretty than before.Only for hair in head can look you more beautiful.All things are looking useless and ugly,if you don't have the hair in head.
If this problem is not treated properly, then this problem increases with age.You will have heard a lot about the treatment but here we are going to tell you about the mistakes that are the reason for your hair fall.

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Hair Loss Treatment

1.Comb In Wet Hair

Combing in wet hair is a serious reason for more hair fall.Most of the people start to comb their hair after a short bath.When the hair is wet and their roots are accumulated in water, then in this situation, if you are rigged with it, the water reaches the root of your hair and makes it weak.If you are combing hair,you should always start downwards to upwards.If you start from roots,then you have to fight more tangles and increases the hair breakage and hair fall.
stop comb in wet hair
Don't comb in wet Hair
Note: Always use a wide-spaced, even-toothed comb to avoid hair getting stuck in it and breaking.

2.Do not tighten hair

Due to tighten the hair too tightly,the root of the hair get weak.Most girls bind their hair in a durable way for a long time.If continuously tie tightly the hair,they become weak from inside and break down.So don't tie hair tightly,Always loose the hair.

3.Which shampoo Used

Now a days it is the main reason atrocities on hair.When shampooing our hair,we rinse hair vigorously,which make tangled on hair.Hair should not be rubbed while shampooing.When shampooing hair,don't direct put the shampoo on head.Add little amount of shampoo in a mug with taking small amount of water.Mix it in hand and pour on head.Rub the scalp using finger tips.Don't shampoo 2 to 3 times while shampooing causes hair dry and freeze.Always used herbal,mild and pH balance shampoo.

4.Times Of shampoo Used in Week

Most of the boys shampoo their hair everyday and we have the wrong concept that shampooing hair 2 to 3 times of week reduce hair fall.For this type of misunderstanding of keeping their hair clean is always making their hair curly and damaged dry hair.Repeatedly use of shampoo lose the strength and beauty of hair.Your hair becomes weak and breaks down from the middle.Weekly once shampooing hair is best.Always cover the hair when exposed to sun.

5.Using Hair Drier

stop blow drier in wet hair,excessive heat damages the hair.
Blow Drier

Too much of heat on scalp and hair causes thinning your hair.While blow drying your hair or ironing/curling it frequently may cause irreversible damage to the hair shaft. It also leads to split-ends, hair breakage, hair becoming brittle, etc. Avoid such treatments to maintain a healthy mane on your scalp.If you want to style up your hair urgently for any function,then keep your drayer at least 4-5 inches away from your hair and remember you can used drier on partially dry hair and don't used drier for wet hair.

6.Lack Of Protein

Just like our body,our hair needs protein in order to stay healthy.Protein treatment boost the hair with a variety of nutrients and proteins to help reconstruct and strengthen hair strands.Having protein-packed strands is an amazing way to maintain your hair health and keep it in the best possible shape.
or you need to increase the amount of protein in your diet.which includes fish, meat, eggs,milk, chickpeas etc.So,take your pick from a wide range of food to promote healthy hair growth.

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